Forsgate Industrial Partners

125 North Street

Teterboro, NJ

Project Details

Form & Function

Forsgate Industrial Partners sought to expand its presence in Teteroboro, New Jersey with the construction at 125 North Street. The 220,000 sf facility celebrates its unique footprint while boasting a modern interpretation of Forsgate’s well-established design language. 

Located at the convergence of Huyler and North Streets, the building site posed a challenge: how to draw attention to the angular site without compromising the overall functionality of the facility? The design embraces the sharp angle of the site’s southeastern edge through a dramatic glass corner that mimics its severity and serves as a beacon. The sleek, cantilevered corner is evocative of aeronautical design elements, alluding to the facility’s location less than one mile from the Teterboro Airport. This section of the facility houses office space, leaving the majority of the building dedicated to storage.  

Over the course of KSS’s longstanding partnership with Forsgate, we have gained deep familiarity with their design choices and their history utilizing traditional brick masonry—a structural element 125 North incorporates below the curtain wall on its iconic southeastern corner. The remainder of the facility features precast concrete with inlaid brick accents, another architectural nod to the brick and mortar façades of past Forsgate projects.  

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