Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

15 Washington Arts Space

Newark, NJ

Project Details

15 Washington Arts Space

“15 Washington” stands 16 stories tall on Washington Park in Newark, New Jersey. For almost 85 years the former American Insurance Building has been a symbol of pride and progress in the city of “New Work.” Rutgers University, in keeping with its role as a world-class, urban, public research university that is not just in Newark but of Newark, is poised to carry forward the mantle of New Work, by giving to the City a place for New Art—the historic yet re-defined space of the Great Hall within the renovated environs of “15 Washington.”

An innovative, highly flexible arts events space, the Great Hall rises 30 feet to the ceiling and uses expansive vision and creative modularity to showcase performances and cross-curricular events from concert, dance, and theater to sculptural displays, coffee breaks, and lunchtime food for thought. Organically shaped tables and stackable chairs enable a variety of communal and singular settings. An abundance of daylight easily converts to pinpoint theatrical lighting via the ceiling-hung light grid designed to mesh with the historic architecture while providing structure for lighting, rigging, and even sculpture. 

Rutgers University partners with the scholars, artists, citizens, and students of Newark to offer a forum for artistic expression, fostering new dialogue and understanding. “15 Washington” is where heritage meets innovation; where history is rich—and forward thinking, priceless.

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