The Hampshire Companies

195 North Office Building Renovation

Teterboro, NJ

Project Details

Contemporary Update Honors Mid-century Roots

195 North, located 14 miles outside Manhattan, first served as an industrial manufacturing building constructed by James E. Hanson, the namesake tenant NAI James E. Hanson, now headquartered in the building. To honor this historic connection as well as the building’s architectural form, the design team made conscious interventions to preserve 195 North’s midcentury aesthetic and industrial shell. As a result, 195 North now boasts a contemporary façade befitting its second life as flex office space. 

The design team maintained the existing shell and structural openings to preserve the building’s architectural language. Material selections and color decisions bring modern flair including painting the original brick façade a deep grey and introducing wood accents. The extended canopy modernizes the existing design with glossy, white ACM panels and louvers to brighten the façade and invite the flow of natural light into the building. The entrance is wrapped in wood to balance and soften its industrial elements. The wood panel originates on the front façade—accented by oversized numbers denoting the building address—and continues through the threshold into the lobby to marry exterior with interior.

Due to multi-tenant users, site design played a vital role in the renovation, influencing parking design decisions, new dock position requirements, significant egress considerations, and desired additional entries into the building. These obstacles supplemented other treatments involving solar installation, electrical services, integrating the architectural language of 195 North with that of the Teterboro area.

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