Boston Properties

214 Carnegie Center Renovation

Princeton, NJ

Project Details

An environment designed for a modern community

Freed from the shackles of the 80s, 214 Carnegie Center’s lobby renovation brings a modern, sleek appearance to the interior—attractive to prospective tenants and current users. 

Crisp white walkways and an elegant staircase re-design featuring glass, steel, and wood combat the dark, bulky lobby elements of the past and invite natural light to warm the space. The new materials bring life to the old, off-setting the pink granite from the original design and transforming the overall interior into a lighter and seemingly more spacious environment. 

The central focus of the lobby is the staircase—utilized by all in the building. KSS reoriented the stair opening and altered the way one enters the space. The changed direction of the stairs improves the interior wayfinding and provides more accessibility to its users. The stair stage acts as an additional source for seating while adhering to ADA standards for the blind. From the square shape of the staircase to the stage at its base, every design decision has purpose and functionality. 

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