White and Williams LLP

7 Times Square NYC Office

New York, NY

Project Details

Modern Connectivity

Overlooking Times Square, the design for the prominent relocation of the New York White and William Office signified connectivity, simultaneously to the surrounding city and to partner offices. As the largest and fastest growing office beyond the Philadelphia headquarters, White and Williams sought to sustainably accommodate the firm’s growth with a new, sophisticated office in the bustling commercial heart of the city.

With a sleek and simple modern aesthetic, wood and glass finishes allude to existing Times Square elements while color choices reflect the White and Williams identity. Enhancements to the reception and conference areas invite visitors, with thoughtful lighting and materials choices encouraging comfort and interpersonal engagement.

The convenient new office in Midtown reinforces White and Williams’s mantra of excellent, creativity, and commitment. Dedicated to honorable initiatives regarding sustainable business practices and workforce diversity, the environment encourages individual wellness through natural daylighting and open spaces with nodes for interaction. Fitting for a global-reaching firm with a reputation for legal and business excellence, the office design incorporated the very same strategic, collaborative process that fuels White and Williams’s distinguished quality of practice. 

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