Air Cargo Facility at JFK Airport

Queens, NY

Project Details

Modernizing an International Transportation Hub

As part of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s larger initiative to invest $100 billion in state infrastructure over the next 30 years, the JFK Vision Plan sets forth a path for modernizing passenger and cargo operations at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The JFK cargo industry handles approximately 1.3 million tons of cargo per year and supports 50,000 jobs, $8 billion in sales, and nearly $3 billion in wages, yet more than half of JFK’s cargo buildings are over 40 years old and do not meet current industry standards. The revitalization effort of the JFK Vision Plan aims to meet the increasing demands of modern air freight movement, a sector which the U.S. Department of Transportation estimates will grow 230% between 2015 and 2045 across the U.S. The Air Cargo Facility designed by KSS will be a landmark building, the first to be built as part of this initiative.

JFK’s adjacency to the most populated metropolitan area in the nation, as well as to the Ports of New Jersey and New York will allow the development to act as a commercial hub with significant opportunity for last mile distribution. The Air Cargo Facility will also be accessible by various MTA Bus lines that travel along North Boundary Road, providing easy connections to the surrounding community.

A vital piece of infrastructure that will bridge air and land distribution, the Air Cargo Facility evokes a certain type of architecture: monumental, vertical, orderly, and civic in stature. As such, the structure will drive a different kind of architectural response—one of the monumentality associated with bridges, airports, and civic structures—expressed through structure repetition that manifests in movement, overhangs, and height.

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