Sarah Lawrence College

Barbara Walters Campus Center

Bronxville, NY

Project Details

A Magnet for Student Life on Campus

Sarah Lawrence College is where Barbara Walters learned to ask questions, where she cultivated her curiosity and confidence. The new Barbara Walters Campus Center weaves together the College’s intellectual, cultural, and social threads, acting as a platform for sharing and showcasing Sarah Lawrence’s community achievements—and its uniqueness.

With a design approach that honors the layered natural landscape that so seamlessly characterizes the Sarah Lawarence experience, KSS infused the process with a robust suite of visioning sessions, gathering deep research and insights onto the needs and desires of students and stakeholders.  The result is a gathering place for students’ formal and informal socializing, conversation, and collaborative work—where students can congregate, unwind, and connect. The BWCC is a platform that highlights the impact and legacy of Sarah Lawrence’s pioneering education, exemplified by the wide-ranging contributions and archives of their celebrated alumna, Barbara Walters. It is a place that shines a light on the aspirations of the Sarah Lawrence community so that thousands more students can pioneer new fields, create innovative tools for society, and build the communities that make those dreams possible. 

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