Forsgate Industrial Partners

Coca-Cola Refreshments Distribution Center

South Brunswick, NJ

Project Details

Coca-Cola Refreshments

To achieve its goals for strategic growth, Coca-Cola Refreshments consolidated multiple facilities to a new, state-of-the-art, and sustainable distribution center in central New Jersey. With proximity to major interstate highways and access to the seaports, the facility reinforces the increasing industrial activity in the regional market.

The new facility also aligns with the company’s corporate values of sustainability. It uses 20 percent less energy than a comparable building type through thoughtful and sustainable design measures. Insulated precast wall panels improve the thermal performance of the building envelope and require less time and energy for construction. Perimeter clerestory windows and daylighting tubes with daylighting sensors reduce the need for artificial lighting during daytime building operations. Energy-efficient, hi-bay fluorescent light fixtures operate on occupancy sensors. Water-efficient plumbing fixtures reduce water usage by 35 percent of U.S. EPA standards, and a white-colored roof mitigates heat island effect. Interior finishes include both renewable and regionally-manufactured materials.

With a fast-paced construction schedule of one year, Coca-Cola Refreshment’s new facility exemplifies an economic, efficient, sustainable, and high-performance design solution.

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