Creative Department Workplace Interiors

Philadelphia, PA

Project Details

“Sparking” Creativity

To properly cater to the creative department of Sparks, KSS designed a playful space that fully meets the needs of the design staff. Tucked into its own section of the building, the workspaces were dark and isolated­, but after a complete demolition, the interior is vibrant and encourages collaboration through an open office design. 

The creative department has a distinct way of working—requiring spaces for huddling and sharing ideas. A wall system made of glass and defining black moulines was installed to signify a transition from the creative department to the standard cubicles that occupy the adjacent part of the office. 

Four separate “breakout” spaces are available—a lounge area with sofas, central table, and two “huddle rooms”. With a constant need to meet with colleagues, flexible furniture is valued to keep up with the ebb and flow of the creative department.KSS brightened the open working environment by cutting out windows for natural light, using the same black mouline system for a cohesive transition from inside to outside.

The mural colors on the accent wall are inspired by KSS design decisions to mimic the materials color palette selected. Together, the new elements spark creativity and are a hospitable addition to the workplace. 

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