Fairleigh Dickinson University

Doerfler Innovation Center

Madison, NJ

Project Details

Doerfler Innovation Center

To prepare students for the rapidly changing business/interdisciplinary environment and emerging global trends, in which innovation and entrepreneurship play an increasingly important role, FDU requires a visibly identifiable space for proof-of-concept work, business incubation, and collaboration opportunities for FDU faculty and students. For FDU, the key to a sustainable future is to develop the ability of students—our future citizens and leaders—to become holistic, interdisciplinary problem solvers, finding creative ways to simultaneously create greater social, environmental, and economic prosperity. 

Taking an integrated approach to innovation, Fairleigh Dickinson University is focused on providing a campus full of innovation pockets—makerspaces, entrepreneurship and innovation centers, places for student engagement and idea catalysts. The Doerfler Innovation Center is a foundational project in this effort to revolutionize the learning environment as one where active learning, project-based learning, and the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and activated. 

The Doerfler Innovation Center will transform the lower floor of the Monninger Center for Learning and Research on FDU’s Florham Campus into an exciting and engaging space:

- A space that supports group projects as well as full-class discussion and individual work

- Movable furniture with a variety of reconfigurable seating & table types 

- A motivating environment with a welcoming ambiance & reconfigurable settings

- A transparent, fun, colorful space that includes a variety of sub-environments 

- Learning on display 

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