Flexibility for a Changing Industry

Cranbury Township, NJ

Project Details


The key to designing a great industrial project is understanding that the process it supports will grow and change over time. Providing the well-conceived path and infrastructure for that evolution is what makes for a great industrial building. Our work with TRUMPF Photonics, a manufacturer of high-end, industrial laser cutters, since beginning our relationship in 2003, has defined that path, building the infrastructure and executing elements of a masterplan in response to TRUMPF’s evolving business plan. 

Defining the path consists of understanding the fundamentals of a manufacturing process and organizing spaces and potential spaces around the logical sequence of that process. Another essential element is understanding where change is most likely to happen in a process and the nature of that change. KSS strives to become deeply embedded in navigating the manufacturing or distribution process that informs the architecture and infrastructure we design. We help our clients visualize a process’s implementation and evolution over time. We stay engaged with our clients, and as an industry transforms, we continuously update and adapt the masterplan to continually embrace the business process. 

At present, TRUMPF has developed infrastructure and expanded clean rooms within its original building according to the masterplan, and modified clean rooms and production spaces within that infrastructure. As designed by KSS, TRUMPF has constructed a modular mechanical space to support an expanded manufacturing process as well as new employee entrance and amenity space. Currently in planning is the relocation of existing offices to a new, more efficient expansion space. KSS has, over time, continued to work with this client to envision and design effective and well-planned responses to its evolving business objectives.

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