Charter Client

Historic School Renovation and Expansion

Philadelphia, PA

Project Details

Walton School

A charter client and developer are teaming up with KSS Architects to breathe new life into a boarded up educational building in Philadelphia. The school, which will pursue historic tax credits, was built in 1900 and operated as a public school until the property closed in 2005. The building has been sealed and unoccupied since that time. KSS’ plan for renovation and expansion will modernize the building and enable it to accomodate a middle and high school serving 360 students in grades 5 through 8 and 520 students in grades 9 through 12. Program requirements include classrooms, science labs, a cafeteria, administrative spaces, and learning resource centers. 

Beyond renovation, the expansion will include a new single story addition and three-story infill effort. The single-story addition, will house a new gymnasium with high school regulation basketball court, bleachers, support spaces. The mezzanine at the addition will also house a new library space. The three-story infill will include academic spaces for both the middle and high schools. Overall, both the renovation and addition will be designed to be certified with the LEED for School rating system. 

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