Trammell Crow Companies

Innovation Park

East Windsor, NJ

Project Details

Introducing Innovation Park, a gateway into East Windor’s technology core. This industrial park will revitalize the site’s value and purpose to this New Jersey community. Innovation Park plans to incorporate two warehouse buildings (Building A and Building B) which will occupy an important urban space that will not only be seamlessly integrated into the community, but celebrated by it.

Its location in East Windsor serves as an important intersection between two major roadways, encouraging the opportunity to build connections to its neighbors and forging pathways that link to adjacent developments. Once the prideful center of town, KSS seeks to bring back its sense of esteem to the neighborhood.

Innovation is the heart of this redevelopment. Design decisions are shaping these warehouses to be technically advanced while material choices are bringing better sustainable value to the buildings. Building A’s trellis shades its facade from the southern sun and acts as an iconic manifestation of the concept behind the park.

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