Jaindl Land Company & Watson Land Company

JW Industrial Park Route 329

Northampton, PA

Project Details

Marrying Agricultural Heritage With Modern Design

The first joint venture between Jaindl Land Company and Watson Land Company, JW Industrial Park Route 329 (JW329) will be one of the largest distribution hubs in the northeast. Developed by two heritage companies that prioritize stewardship of the land, JW329 expresses a highly contextual approach to industrial architecture that is sensitive to the rural community while stimulating economic growth in the region. Six buildings are nestled into the 300-acre master planned site as “objects in a field,” framing elements juxtaposed against the natural landscape. Open space between the buildings creates “fields” in which the buildings are both backdrops and objects of focus. In addition to their aesthetic beauty, these meadows contain retention basins and irrigation fields, allowing the buildings to create a footprint without harming local hydrology.  

The Industrial Park reflects a shift in design for industry and distribution, a transformation in which these buildings are thought of as workplaces that can support and integrate into communities. Inspired by surrounding farmland, the building designs reference forms and materials found in agrarian architecture such as barn doors and pole building framing, as well as wood and steel. These elements are woven throughout the industrial park in various iterations to create a fluid experience for visitors and users. Sizeable clerestory glazing along the buildings’ upper perimeters filter daylight into the distribution centers to improve employee experience and wellbeing. Altogether, JW329 blends the agricultural heritage of the surrounding area with a modern industrial aesthetic to create an asset to the community and its economy.

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