L+M Development Partners

Launch Pad Co-Working Space

Newark, NJ

Project Details

Versatile Co-Working Space

Co-existing in comfort. Launch Pad is a co-working space designed to provide for whoever walks through its doors. Located in the historic Hahne and Co. building in Newark, this space offers an optimal working environment—prompting people to gather and share their work experiences  with one another. The versatile, open design is customized to fit the demands Launch Pad is faced with as host to a co-working environment. 

Launch Pad has a mix of private and open offices. Its entire perimeter is wrapped with office space, while the cafe and break area are centrally located. The playful interior sets contemporary furniture, area rugs, and bold accents as sources of comfort while at work. The exposed concrete and polycarbonate walls blend industrial chic and residential together—creating unique, yet cozy work stations. 

The polycarbonate sheets replace standard drywall materials to enhance the open space while still creating defined workplaces. The translucent walls required the walls’ stud layers to be replanned and organized, adding to the space’s uniqueness and providing a light-hearted visualization of the co-working space construction. 

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