Mercedes Benz USA

Learning & Performance Center

Robbinsville, NJ

Project Details

Supporting Mercedes in Moving the World

Designed as a regional training facility for Mercedes Benz-certified mechanics and dealers,  located immediately adjacent to their Parts Distribution Center in Robbinsville, NJ, the Learning and Performance Center integrates classroom and hands-on learning into a single efficient, high-performing building. 

The collaborative environment facilitates visual connection between classroom and workshop spaces, coupled with the efficient placement of support functions such as office and storage spaces. The workshops are generous in size—providing abundant room to accommodate all types of Mercedes Benz vehicle training and are equipped with ample daylighting and a multitude of associated systems including vehicle exhaust capture, vehicle lifts, and hydrocarbon detection. 

Classrooms were designed as multi-function spaces that are flexible for the variety of course participants, and also feature wall-mounted interactive displays and presentation podiums for instructors. These primary function spaces are then connected back to a communal dining cafe and kitchenette by the main entry, encouraging a sense of community to the building occupants.

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