Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology

Library Service Center

Atlanta, GA

Project Details

The Library Service Center

Thousands of items are added to the library collections of Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology each year. Premium space is limited, yet expectations and demand for materials remain high. Where can these compendia be housed, yet still be readily accessible? The answer: high-capacity, climate controlled off-campus library storage.

Located at Emory University’s Briarcliff Property in Atlanta, Georgia, The Library Service Center is designed to be a state of the art, long-term climate controlled archive facility that will house the combined library collections of Emory and Georgia Tech. The goal of the facility, in addition to storage, preservation and archiving, is to improve use of the joint collection of resources for the students and faculty of both institutions.

The Library Service Center is a 55,000 sf structure that includes a 21,000 sf Processing Center and 34,000 sf Conditioned Book Archive Module. It will hold approximately 3.75 million volumes, expanding total capacity to 7.5 million volumes via a 34,000 sf second module. Technical specifications are designed to meet FM Global Standards: the building features advanced temperature and humidity control to maintain collections at 50 degrees or 30% RH, and includes a 250 sf Video Vault and a 200 sf Blast Freezer.  

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A Process-Driven Design: The Library Service Center of Emory University and Georgia Tech