Seton Hall University

Mike Sheppard, Sr. Stadium at Owen T. Carroll Field

South Orange, NJ

Project Details

Enhancing student-athlete & fan experience

In addition to academic excellence, Seton Hall is known for its robust athletics program. To support student athletes and enhance fan experience, the university undertook a major renovation of Mike Sheppard, Sr. Stadium at Owen T. Carroll Field. The stadium and field, which serve both Seton Hall’s baseball and soccer programs, have been a major pillar of the university and local community for more than 30 years. The renovation features a new masonry façade along Seton Drive. Clad in varied red stone, the new façade aligns with Seton Hall’s architectural vernacular. Arches inspired by the iconic architecture of Yankee Stadium punch through the masonry, adding a sense of grandeur and formality. 

Other upgrades include revamped seating areas with chairback seating, permanent restrooms, an enclosed press box, standardized dugouts similar to those seen at a professional level, and new turf for the entire baseball and soccer field areas. The relocation of the baseball infield components toward the pitcher’s mound accommodated the expanded baseball bleacher seating structures. For soccer spectators, new bleachers and chairback seating improve the fan experience. In addition, the project facilitated improved ADA access to bleacher seating, new accessible restrooms, and updates to existing athletic field furnishings and equipment.

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