Mount Laurel Campus

Mt. Laurel, NJ

Project Details

“One world. For everyone.”

For nearly 130 years, Bancroft has been a leader in breaking down boundaries for individuals with neurological challenges, autism, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. To progress with its innovative continuum of care—to better unlock each person’s full potential for lifelong learning and fulfillment—Bancroft is relocating programs on their 16-acre Haddonfield Campus to a new 80-acre campus.

On the existing campus, programs are oddly distributed across the available inventory of 136,000 square feet of space, much of which is poorly suited to the current usage for special education and pediatric residential services. This new campus will provide state-of-the-art facilities for the Bancroft School, the Lindens, and Transitional Housing in 178,000 square feet of space. Its buildings will be organized around a series of outdoor rooms which will serve a variety of scales and purposes, linked by views and pathways. These buildings and a sensory trail will form natural protective edges to the pedestrian campus, with vehicular traffic and parking located along the perimeter.

Key to the success of the campus is the introduction of a Commons Building which creates synergies between the education and housing programs and provides nodes of interaction with the surrounding community, unlocking new opportunities for Bancroft students. Like a successful village, the new campus will maximize opportunities for exchange and interaction with families, volunteers and seniors, other schools, universities, and businesses.

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Purposeful design for Bancroft campus empowers children with special needs

Merilee Meacock on designing the Bancroft Campus

Merilee Meacock on designing the Bancroft campus