NAI Hanson Office Building Renovation

Teterboro, NJ

Project Details

A Contemporary blending of corporate office and distribution

Just under 14 miles from Manhattan, the NAI Hanson building is ideally situated in Teterboro, NJ for optimal distribution to pivotal city centers in New York and the Tri-State area. The new corporate offices and small-scale distribution facility embrace a contemporary exterior while still celebrating the building’s original role in industrial manufacturing. The project preserves the existing shell and structural openings to maintain its initial architectural language, but new material selections and color decisions distinguish the old from new. Painted brick and the installation of wood accents bring a sense of modernity and freshness to the Teterboro center. 

Prominent site design played a vital role in the building renewal. The presence of multi-tenant users influenced parking design decisions, new dock positioning, significant egress considerations, and desired additional entries into the building. These obstacles in addition to other treatments such as solar installation and electrical services encouraged KSS to explore more diverse design strategies. 

KSS was driven to seamlessly blend the office interior with its industrial exterior, and in turn integrated the NAI Hanson offices with the local design langauge. The result is a product that evolved the firm’s design process by overcoming hurdles that challenged standard corporate office and industrial design thinking. 

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