TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA

New Distribution Campus

Philadelphia, PA

Project Details


 The new distribution center for Teva is designed to become one of the most sophisticated facilities in world. The fully conditioned and validated pharmaceutical distribution center will become the central hub for North American distribution operations for Teva, a leading pharmaceutical company and the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. Its strategic and continuous growth demanded an exceptional distribution system, to which this facility will be integral.

Since the project’s conception, KSS Architects has worked with Teva to design the project to set new precedents in distribution center design. The distribution center features redundant 80-ft clear storage and receiving buildings that incorporate an Automated Supply and Retrieval System (AS/RS). The fully automated system is housed in an environmentally conditioned structure that is tightly controlled and monitored. The distribution center’s buildings are interconnected to a processing center with equally stringent conditions and sophisticated material handling systems.

A distribution center of this magnitude requires a significant infrastructure. A centralized energy plant with built-in redundancy and stringently controlled systems will balance long-term operational costs to ensure the sustainable use of energy at an unprecedented scale.

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