Mercedes-Benz USA

Northeast Learning & Performance Center

Robbinsville, NJ

Project Details

Integrated environment for professional development

A state-of-the-art training facility for dealership and Mercedes-Benz USA personnel, the Northeast Learning and Performance Center (LPC) provides a broad selection of training opportunities to support team members with the knowledge and skills necessary to accelerate their professional performance. Conveniently located directly adjacent to Mercedes-Benz Parts Distribution Center, also designed by KSS, the Learning and Performance Center provides a dedicated, centralized hub for both hands-on and more formal classroom learning. 

The program is organized to create a learning environment that inspires collaboration and connection. Through the main entry, which features office area, is a kitchenette and cafe where Mercedes-Benz team members can socialize and relax in a communal setting. Beyond the cafe is a central corridor lined with general classrooms and workshops, which are accessible through the classrooms. Classrooms were designed as multi-function spaces that are flexible for the variety of course participants, and also feature wall-mounted interactive displays and presentation podiums for instructors. Glazing between classroom and workshop spaces creates a dynamic visual connection and enhances the integrated learning experience. Workshops provide abundant room to accommodate various forms of Mercedes-Benz vehicle training and are equipped with a multitude of associated systems including vehicle exhaust capture, vehicle lifts, and hydrocarbon detection. Ample daylighting thanks to generously sized clerestory windows creates a pleasant learning environment. 

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