Gill St. Bernard's

Performing Arts Center

Gladstone, NJ

Project Details

Performing Arts Center

The arts play a significant role in student life at Gill St. Bernard’s—shaping the spirit and intellect of its students. With a number of ways for students to express themselves, both inside and outside the classroom, the arts are central to the school’s objective of educating the whole person. The new performing arts center at Gill St. Bernard’s will play a critical role in helping students develop the skills and discipline to be intuitive, imaginative creators and observers in all areas of life.

Working with school leaders and members of the Building Committee, KSS developed a very thorough review of the school’s master plan, helping Gill St. Bernard’s identify the best location for a Performing Arts Center. The first option places a new multi-use building on the main quad, identifying the structure as a centerpiece of campus. The second option repurposes an existing building, also recognizing its location on the main quad as a benefit to the campus master plan. After reviewing these two options, Gill St. Bernard’s chose to utilize the existing building—a now obsolete field house. KSS worked with Gill St. Bernard’s to identify how best to transform the field house and create a multi-functional performing arts center. Important features will include welcoming community lobby and gallery to showcase art work and engage the community, as well as preparatory and storage spaces.

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