Rowan University

Rohrer College of Business

Glassboro, NJ

Project Details

From Normal to Extraordinary

Rowan University has evolved from its 1923 inception as a normal school to a comprehensive public research university whose strong reputation wields extraordinary impact upon the economic development of the region. The Rohrer College of Business, in the context of a new building, seeks to develop the entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators of the future by becoming South Jersey’s center for innovative thinking, strategic problem solving, and business acumen.

Academic programs and business development are supported by key program elements—The Rowan Business Center: a venue for business innovation, joining the opportunities of the region with the expertise and resources of the College of Business. The Hub: a public café and lounge prompting interaction among students, faculty, and businesses leaders. The Hatchery: a state of the art entrepreneurial makerspace transitioning student business initiatives to market, and the Center for Business Professionalism: a situational space preparing students for the world of business presentations, interviews, and the interpersonal relationships of the work place.

Learning environments are scaled for experiential learning, offering numerous breakout spaces with flexible, collaborative arrangements. Targeted to achieve LEED Silver, sustainability considerations emphasis energy conservation, locally sourced materials, and hydrology and ecology measures in relation to the campus’ wetland assets. The formal masonry building features an elliptical glass tower showcasing the manufacturing history of the region as depicted by glass artisans—at once a reflection of the past and the promise of the future.

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