Sparks Corporate Office Improvements

Philadelphia, PA

Project Details

Corporate Office Improvements

When Sparks, a brand experience agency, desired to renovate their corporate offices, KSS identified the vital need to unify the work areas with the firm philosophy and communicate Sparks’ unique brand. Once an industrial building that had been adapted in disjoined sections, the new space was designed to feature a core avenue linking once disparate spaces and establishing a cohesive work environment fit for the cutting-edge creative agency. Following a phase-based approach, with extensive charettes and employee input, KSS lowered the existing paneling that partitioned spaces to carve out a linking corridor. The result unites teaming and presentation areas, executive offices, and the accounting department in one seamless, artful space.

Replete with group workspaces, meeting areas, and collaborative nooks, the avenue doubles as a creative environment in which to gather with high-end clients. Fresh pops of color, sharp angular flooring features, and the captivating movement, such as the physical incorporation of a race car and motorcycle in the interior, embody Sparks’ stylish authenticity.

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