Temple University

Student Faculty Center & Tech Services Renovation

Philadelphia, PA

Project Details

Student Faculty Center and Tech Services Renovations

Sitting at the heart of the Health Science Campus, the Center is across from Temple University Hospital, one of the premiere medical centers in the nation. Built decades prior, the facility was not being utilized to its full potential—the renovation activated the first and second floors, improving overall building utilization, connectivity, and collaborative learning.

Strategic program elements reinvigorated the space, including a modernized Student Activities suite, a robust Tech Center, and a public-access Starbucks with a prominent storefront to fuel study and socialization. These program elements in tandem draw users to the building, supplying with much-needed amenities. 

A re-designed floor plan and lounge area combine ease of use and accessibility with a warm color pallet, wood finishes, and soft furnishings that absorb sound and enable flexible arrangements for dynamic use. A grand communicating stair, paired with ample overlooks and window panoramas, offers views between the first and second floors. Transparency, openness, and warmth prompts vibrant interactions across user groups.

As the nuclear of the satellite campus, the rejuvenated Faculty Student Center sends an open, welcoming invitation to students, faculty, staff and visitors to connect, communicate, and collaborate—to relax, study and prepare—to take on the world of Health Science.

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