Montclair State University

Student Housing

Montclair, NJ

Project Details

Montclair State University Housing

This Student Housing Study determined how best to add approximately 2,000 new residence hall beds to the Montclair State University campus over a 10- to15-year period. KSS performed evaluations of existing residence halls, analyzed the most appropriate and effective manner to renovate existing residence halls, and identified prospective sites for new residence halls. Prior to making recommendations or developing design alternatives, KSS developed normative standards to determine Montclair’s marketplace position. Extensive student workshops surveyed which plan types and amenities would best suit the needs of students.

Both suite and apartment-style schemes were tested against the floor plates of existing residence halls. For the proposed sites for new housing, capacities were also tested for suite, double-apartment, single-apartment, and studio apartment configurations. A financial consultant assisted in testing the feasibility of each option. The results of this study were developed into an extensive report, complete with pro-forma analysis of each proposed scheme, site plans, guidelines for development, and complete documentation of the methodology utilized in the 9-month planning process.

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