Interior reView: 3Form Recycled & Resurfaced Products

KSS recently specified 3Form products in two projects seeking LEED certification. 3Form makes several different products that take sustainability into consideration. 3Form’s Varia ecoresin product is available in many colors, patterns, textures and graphics. Varia panels can be installed as interior partitions, ceiling canopies, millwork accents or as pieces of art. We specified Varia’s ecoresin product for the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey’s new Campus Center as an integral part of the signage and as an accent to the millwork in the servery. Ecoresin panels are made with a minimum of 40% pre-consumer recycled resin.

3Form also makes Chroma, a product that 3Form says is limited from “entering the waste stream” because of its ability to be refinished, recolored and thus reused again and again. An owner can self-refinish the surface of their table or countertop with a single piece of fine-grained sandpaper. Chroma also works well for horizontal applications because of its durability and thickness–up to 2 in. Our project at 701 Carnegie Center uses the 2 in. thick Chroma product in a bar top application.

3Form takes sustainability seriously not only in the products they offer, but also in manufacturing. Their Full Circle Process encourages the development of the skills, businesses and communities of many diverse regions around the world.

For more information about 3Form, visit their Web site.