Social Networking for Buildings

Social networking for buildings? Sounds weird, but it just might be catching on. is getting a lot of press – everyone from Architectural Record and Urban Land to Forbes is touting the new social network’s potential. So what’s the hubbub all about? is intended to make information about buildings – and the people associated with them – easy to find. The site includes a profile for buildings with photographs and statistics, such as construction dates, assessed and market values, Energy Star ratings, and LEED certifications. Links to people associated with the building, including tenants and contractors, are available. Owners can claim buildings and add information to populate the profile.

As of September, 700,000 buildings in major U.S. cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland and Washington D.C. were catalogued. Members of the public can browse buildings and leave reviews. Just type an address into the website and get access – at no charge – to details on the building’s construction, energy use, leasing agent, architecture, history and maintenance/remodeling – as well as all companies that designed, constructed or performed upgrades. Premium members have access to a platform that allows service providers and vendors to receive request for qualifications and requests for proposals, and submit bids, for projects.

Next time you’re surfing, instead of looking up that old college roommate on Facebook, take a spin on – you might just be surprised what you’ll find.