20/20: Post-what?

Katherine Weaver kicked off KSS’ new “20/20” lunch series with a bang. The weekly series asks each of us here at KSS to take a turn presenting 20 slides in 20 minutes to inspire and spark discussion over lunch. Katherine gathered a thought-provoking collection of images representing architecture’s evolution and posed the question: what’s next?

As the profession has evolved and movements shifted – from classical, to modern, to post-modern (and others in between) – are we in danger of a loss of craft? Do some of the latest trends in design come down to taste? Where do the rules still apply, and should they? The consensus: advances in technology – design programs, 3D printing – are changing the way we think about buildings, but often in a good way. Reflections of the past continue to echo in today’s design solutions and as we move forward craft isn’t lost, just different.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!