Going Up? A Look at Stairs

Stairs - whether you love trekking a few flights, or run right for the elevator, as designers we can’t ignore the significant impact stairs have in our buildings. Building upon previous KSS University sessions, KSS Associate Mayva Donnon, AIA, LEED AP led an inter-office discussion on stairs. The group began with a look at code requirements and methods for effectively documenting stairs in drawings - allowing the office to take a closer look at areas recently covered in lessons on building code and construction documents.

From there the discussion shifted towards understanding stairs in Revit - how they’re built, manipulated and errors that commonly occur in the process. Mayva pointed out how this knowledge helps us to preemptively identify problem areas in the field. It is a great example of the awareness KSS has for its working methods and their implications in the built environment. Finally, the group viewed specifics of how the stair tool in Revit has changed in the latest versions of the software - highlighting new approaches for building and editing stairs.