14 Days in Cuba

14 days in Cuba invokes many comparisons between the course of political history upon development in the U.S. and our neighbors to the south.  

Communism over capitalism has provided Cuba with universal health care, free access to higher education, an abundance of music and art, small-scale organic family farms, and an active fleet of well cared for 50 and 60s classic American cars, and a noticeable absence of sailing vessels. Cuba’s doctors make far less than its taxi drivers. The country struggles to feed its citizens with 80% of its food imported. The absence of pesticides and fertilizer use in agriculture has also yielded a pristine marine environment with the healthiest coral reefs and sea turtle population in the world. No public access to the Internet, limited news beyond the state sponsored newspaper Grandma, its resourceful people look forward to a future of economic growth stimulated by a more open relationship with the United States.