A Renaissance for Camden

KSS’s Edmund Klimek’s op-ed piece was featured in the Courier-Post! Get a sneak peek:

Decades of stalled starts are giving way to a new era in Camden development. Business, grassroots activities, plans to attract new residents, and a focus on education are uniting to craft a robust, multiprong approach to change. On its own, a spike in any of these areas is not enough to fundamentally alter the urban fabric, but together, they are repositioning the city.

A heightened talent landscape is driving property owners to think creatively. The rise of a flourishing millennial workforce increases emphasis on spaces combining corporate, residential and recreational activities. This catapults considerations like compactness, transit and walkability, maturing the market for mixed-use communities. These live-work-play environments are exactly what the workforce desires — and exactly what Camden has the space and potential to enact.

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