The Future of Industry | The I3 Model

More than ever, success in industrial development depends on understanding INDUSTRY—how it is transformed by dynamic forces in the world, and how it transforms the world, with all its moving parts & entrepreneurial prosperity.

A lot of people ask What is the future of distribution? But we believe that to truly understand the future of industrial development, we need to ask What is the future of industry? In 2012, we said: 

The future will demand customized products delivered instantly. 

And that future is here. Today, tailored retail subscriptions and next-day delivery are key parts of the fulfillment lexicon—even fulfillment drones are emergent. So what are we saying now?

Industry leaders are using THE i³ MODEL to transform & accelerate manufacturing and distribution.

I3 ModelInnovative. Individualized. Immediate. Speed-to-market design will guide future value in industry.

I3 Model

To stay relevant to their industrial clients, developers need to embrace this model. The i³ model will help developers answer questions big and small. Questions like:

  • Where will be the most strategic locations to purchase land?
  • What should be the size/scale of a given development?
  • How should a development be arranged?
  • What need to be the key characteristics of site and access?

We’ve seen projects that express these characteristics of industry—innovative, individualized, immediate. We’re building them nowAnd we have a hunch that we even know what’s next. Learn more about the i³ model with our interactive i³ story.

Meanwhile, here’s some further reading about things that are happening now—the new economy of shared valuewellness in the developer pro forma, and W. W. Grainger’s response to eCommerce.