3 Quotes about the new Newark Collegiate Academy at Littleton Ave

Newark Collegiate Academy is a thriving KIPP New Jersey High School, quickly outgrowing its population of 540 students. To better accommodate this wealth of learners, KSS designed a new, larger Academy with a phased growth approach to accommodate the 1,000 high school students who will progress through the charter network in the coming years.

One of the highlights of our year was the grand opening of the new Newark Collegiate Academy. Here’s what people said:

“With this new facility, KIPP New Jersey continues to invest in the community as well as in the education of future generations of leaders. This facility drastically enhances the quality of services we can provide at KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy in order to equip our kids to change the world.” 

- Ryan Hill, Founder & CEO, KIPP NJ 

“You are going to have an attachment to this building. You can’t help but be proud of this building, you can’t help but be proud that this sits in the City of Newark, you can’t help but be proud that this is in the West Ward.” 

- Central Ward Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins 

“The benefit these facilities will have on the community is immeasurable and will last far into the future. A strong school in a beautiful building, and a field where students can play safely and where families can come together, are components of a healthy, vital neighborhood that everyone deserves.”

- Denise Scott, Executive Vice President for National Programs, LISC 

Learn more about KIPP’s approach to education at http://www.kipp.org/approach/