A Future Home: Two Dozen Students Explore 377 Washington Under Construction

Donning hard hats and construction vests, Uncommon School’s 9th grade engineering students joined KSS Partner Matt McChesney and Project Architect Mounir Tawadrous on a site tour of their future high school. For one day, the bustling construction site transformed into a hands-on, interactive classroom, bringing project lessons learned and best practices to life through conversations between architects, contractors, and students.

377 Washington Street - NSA Field Trip #4.jpgMatt McChesney speaks to students about the design process to bring their new high school to life.

KSS had a blast sharing our knowledge about various phases of the project, from approvals through design and construction. 

377 Washington Street - NSA Field Trip #7.jpgEngineering students from Uncommon Schools learn about the intricacies of the construction process.

Students left the tour with a deep impression of the process: “I have a new appreciation for the planning and work that goes into such a building, especially seeing the work of the 64 people working on the building during its construction.” Thanks for this exciting opportunity to share our experience with Uncommon’s bright students! 

377 Washington Street - NSA Field Trip #13.jpgThanks to all for bring real life examples into the classroom and making this interactive educational session happen!