Social Housing in Architectural Record: Teachers Village

“Why a teachers village?” According to RBH Group CEO Ron Beit, Teachers Village serves as a “tool” and “a benefit for the community” of Newark that is inspired by the teachers of Newark. One of the first communities to a pursue LEED Neighborhood Development designation by the USGBC, the project features an array of spaces that empowers Newark’s citizenry for long-term social impact. Charter schools, an early learning center, retail, and residential units alike are unified by a distinctive architectural language - both beautifully modern and fresh, while honoring the city’s existing urban fabric. 

Treat Place-714.rendered.jpg

Read more about the partnership between KSS Architects and Richard Meier Partners Architects in Architectural Record’s feature on Teachers Village to learn about how the “six-building mixed-use development” transforms the cityscape by cultivating community, energizing street life, and supporting education. The final building is slated for completion this year.

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