KSS Architect named Princeton Fire Chief

One of our architects is starting off 2018 in a big way! 
A huge congratulations to our very own Kyle Rendall for his appointment to Fire Chief of Princeton! We’re so proud of you!

“My experience as an Architect greatly informs my involvement in the fire service—I assist in site plan reviews and pre-planning walk-throughs of new construction in town. My architecture background provides me with intrinsic knowledge for our efforts at structural collapse incidents as well as predicting fire behavior throughout buildings of various construction types. Inversely, my experiences as a firefighter strongly influence how I practice. We want to make buildings safer for our occupants for daily use as well as for those entering the building under extreme conditions to search for and rescue those same occupants. In finding a balance between the aesthetic and functional elements of the structures, our design addresses its greatest challenges.”

Check out the full article: http://bit.ly/KSS-Kyle-Rendall-Fire-Chief