Process-Driven and Site-Responsive: Library Service Centers

How can library storage centers be better planned in response to the site, potential for future expansion, and module capacity?

Recently, KSS Partner Scot Murdoch, AIA, gave a lightning talk at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Off-Site Storage (MARCOSS) on how the Library Service Center of Emory and Georgia Tech represents the emergence of a new model in library service—one that is process-driven and site responsive.

Process DiagramProcess Diagram

KSS Architects worked collaboratively to design the Library Service Center of Emory and Georgia Tech, responding to a graded site, poor soil conditions, and institutional needs for future expansion via a planning approach that manifested in a creative and practical facility design. By rethinking the Harvard model and adapting a cutting-edge “uber module” to center the design on the processing, all while meeting Factory Mutual standards, the Library Service Center design achieves a model for flexible storage that preserves assets while maximizing investments.

Flip through Scot’s slide deck at the University of Maryland’s website.