KSS Announces New Partner

KSS Architects is pleased to announce Mayva Donnon as a new partner. An exceptional architect and leader, Mayva has led several of KSS’ most noted projects and built many of the firm’s lasting client relationships. Her ability to balance the technical aspects of architectural practice with the human side of design has resulted in the design and delivery of outstanding environments for learning and community including Tangen Hall at the University of Pennsylvania, Bancroft’s Mount Laurel Campus, and the Warch Campus Center at Lawrence University. As Petar Mattioni, partner at KSS, notes, “Through her leadership, passion, and dedication, Mayva’s contributions have greatly elevated our work and our practice as a whole. As one of the key design voices in the firm, Mayva is deeply invested in our clients’ success and in fostering collaborations that positively impact our staff, our clients, and our community.”

Throughout her 15 years at KSS, Mayva has been a strong mentoring presence, empowering those around her to become leaders in their own right. As partner, Mayva’s guidance and design leadership will undoubtedly continue to elevate our employees and our firm. KSS Partner Matthew McChesney, says “Mayva’s strategic thought, innate leadership, and design acumen have not only made her a natural leader at KSS, but a true resource to our clients.  It’s so exciting that she has been named a partner and I look forward to working with her as we lead KSS into the future.”