KSS Announces Three New Principals

KSS Architects, a national design firm focused on architecture, interior design, and planning, is thrilled to announce three new Principals: Jason Chmura, Sven Schroeter, and David von Stappenbeck. Jason, Sven, and David have each made tremendous contributions to the sustained growth of the firm, maintaining existing and nurturing new client relationships, elevating the quality of our design, and developing the potential of all team members across diverse markets and project typologies.

Jason Chmura’s background in engineering and construction informs his ability to work collaboratively with consultants and contractors to determine the right design solutions in all phases of the project. Jason’s varied project expertise, including performing arts facilities, charter schools, and higher education buildings helps him to understand how to balance pragmatic needs and architectural style to create buildings that truly express a client’s vision. A LEED Accredited Professional specializing in Building Design and Construction, Jason brings his passion for environmental sustainability to every project and extends his interest beyond the firm as an educator in sustainable design principles.

KSS Partner Matthew McChesney says “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Jason consistently over his eight years at KSS. Each year he has taken on more responsibility including stepping up to lead our New York office, which has expanded rapidly under his leadership. He has a knack for connecting with existing clients and developing new ones in a way that is genuine and instills confidence in the value of KSS. We are fortunate to have Jason as a key leader in our firm, and it is my pleasure to see him recognized as principal.”

Sven Schroeter brings over 20 years of architectural and design experience to KSS. His leadership in the industry has a powerful impact on the firm, sharing his extensive knowledge in all aspects of planning, design, construction administration, and the performing arts. He brings both a broad perspective and thoughtful attention to detail to all projects, informed by a diverse background that ranges in scale from furniture design to urban and campus master planning. Recently, Sven’s work focuses on the research and design of the emerging workplace, a rapidly evolving field—incorporating and influencing aspects of various other markets into his workplace projects. Outside of the office, Sven is a committed advocate for community-based planning and design efforts in Philadelphia. He is a co-chair of Logan Square Neighborhood Association’s Planning and Design Committee, and he represents the neighborhood on the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Civic Design Review Board.

Petar Mattioni, partner at KSS, says “Sven is a proven leader. His thoughtfulness, creativity, and relentless commitment to design excellence are resulting in work that is exceptional and progressive. As a Principal, Sven’s expertise will be leveraged across the firm in a significant way. We are thrilled to see Sven promoted to principal and look forward to his continued impact on our firm and our clients.”

David von Stappenbeck is an integral part of the design team with incomparable technical expertise. David’s breadth of experience over his 25-year-career elevates our design process and the quality of built form through expertise with a wide range of building typologies and methods of construction. His keen attention to detail not only fulfills a client’s vision and project goals, but ensures our work is also functional, practical, and buildable. David’s specialized knowledge in building envelope systems and technologies allows for optimized building performance, while maintaining budget and design fidelity.

KSS Partner Edmund Klimek says, “Good growth is built on a solid foundation.  David is the solid foundation of KSS as we continue to build the firm.  He elevates the quality of our work, builds lasting client relationships, and teaches us all along the way.  We are fortunate to have David as a leader in the firm, his foundation is a mark of KSS’s next phase of growth.  That he is now a principal is reflective of both his values and his value to the firm.”