Spotlight: KSS Interns of Summer 2021

With summer in full swing, it’s time to introduce our 2021 summer interns! We are excited to welcome (and welcome back)  them to the team and look forward to collaborating with them throughout the upcoming months.


We are excited to welcome Taylor who is completing her first industry internship with KSS. Taylor has long been drawn to the field of architecture, beginning in her childhood drawing houses and building towns from blocks. An architectural drafting class in high school solidified her interest and led her to pursue a career in the field. She is excited by the industry, especially how much it changes; she sees the continual evolution of technology, materials, and building practices as an opportunity to keep learning long after she has graduated. Taylor hopes to work on educational buildings and is intrigued by how space can influence the quality and experience of students’ learning. In her free time, Taylor enjoys being in nature, especially running and walking on Kelly Drive in Philadelphia, as well as playing soccer, golfing, hiking, and going to the beach. Taylor is a rising fifth year architecture student at Jefferson University.


After having interned for KSS last year, Elizabeth has returned for another summer. She is passionate about architecture’s ability to affect change at a local and global scale. She has lived in a number of different countries, cultures, and communities, all of which have contributed to her interest in architecture. She is drawn to architecture as a means to bridge her passion for design and desire to create a physical and tangible impact on the communities that have affected her life. As a summer intern at KSS, Elizabeth is eager to learn from her mentors and contribute to a successful project. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys cooking, volunteering, being active, and being creative with different art mediums such as painting and photography. Elizabeth is a rising third-year candidate for the degree of Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, where she serves as co-chair for Penn Women in Design.


Ellie, who joined KSS as a 2020 summer intern, stayed on during the school year and is now back with us full-time. Originally from Cape Cod, Ellie is inspired by the power of nature to improve people’s health and aims to incorporate those qualities in her architecture, both in academic and professional settings. At KSS, Ellie looks forward to being part of a firm that emphasizes healthy environments and quality projects through an animated, collaborative workflow. Prior to joining KSS, Ellie has worked in high end residential in Chatham, MA and higher education in Washington, D.C., learning the importance of relationships, trust and attention to detail to create meaningful change in every project. You can find Ellie walking or running around town, exploring the local flavor of wherever she is in the world that day. Ellie is currently pursuing her Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and will graduate next year.

A very warm welcome to Taylor and welcome back to Elizabeth and Ellie!