KSS Architects Promotes Three Employees to Associate

KSS Architects, a national design firm focused on architecture, interior design, and planning, is thrilled to announce the promotion of Chrissy Chlebda, Alex D’Aversa, and Katie Schaad to Associate. Chrissy, Alex, and Katie have each made a unique impact on the firm and continue to elevate its success through their contributions.

Chrissy Chlebda, RA, NCARB is passionate about understanding architecture as human experience and seeks to design buildings that contribute positively to the places people occupy. Her experience includes higher education, K-12, industrial, and workplace. A member of KSS’ Digital Design Group, Chrissy frequently employs 3D models, renderings, and video walkthroughs as design tools to imagine and communicate the experience of architectural spaces.

KSS Partner Scot Murdoch says, “Chrissy has the amazing ability to improve everything she touches and leave all individuals who interact with her better off than they were before. She is a testament to the qualities of an Associate at KSS—reliable, trustworthy, and able to elevate the work of the firm through her own unique lens of what it can be. I am excited to see Chrissy’s immense value recognized in her promotion to Associate.”

Alex D’Aversa, RA believes that true masters of their craft must first possess intimate knowledge of their tools. To that end, in this digital age Alex endeavors to learn and master the myriad tools available to him, from BIM to 3D printing and virtual reality. With these skills, he can work faster and devote more time to what truly matters: crafting a great project for his clients. At every step of the design process, Alex uses his technical expertise to elevate the team’s understanding of the relevant issues, helping to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Matthew McChesney, partner at KSS, says, “Alex is incredibly passionate about everything he does. As a leader in our Digital Design Group, he is continually contributing to our digital world to ensure all members of KSS have access to the digital tools to advance our work as a firm. Alex is driven to give back to and further the success of the firm above his own recognition, and I am pleased to see him elevated to Associate.”

Katie Schaad believes in the power of the built environment to positively impact human behavior. As a marketing professional in the AEC industry, Katie merges her writing and storytelling skills with her love of design. In her new role as Content Marketing Specialist Katie will engage with projects throughout their lifecycle in order to craft comprehensive narratives that elevate KSS’ marketing content from project pages and case studies to speaking engagements and social media. As a member of the Community Design Group Katie helps spearhead KSS’ internal newsletter in an effort to celebrate and increase the sense of connection and community within the firm.

KSS Partner Petar Mattioni says, “Since the day she walked into KSS, Katie has contributed an immense amount to the firm. Her analytical mind and ability to synthesize and clearly communicate architectural concepts has elevated our marketing content and firm messaging. From proposal writing to social media, and more recently the launch of our internal newsletter, Katie’s impact to the firm pushes us forward and I am excited to see her named Associate.”

Congratulations Chrissy, Alex, and Katie!