Mixed-use Industrial Development: Building Community Around Industry

August 11, 2021

To succeed in today’s economy, one that is driven by how and where things are made, development must center on industry. While the value of traditional mixed-use development has long been established in the world of commercial real estate, the introduction of industrial typologies into these developments is often met with skepticism. And yet, several interrelated trends not only support mixed-use industrial development but also help to prove its value. 

In the full article,  we will examine these trends, or background conditions, that build the case for mixed-use industrial development. Then, we will take a brief look at Amazon’s business model for a lesson in the value of synergies. Finally, we will break down the elements of use to prove that when combined, these elements provide more value than if those uses were developed independently. We offer prototypes of how these uses might be combined to create synergistic ecosystems.

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