Prologis Development Services, Inc

Allied Beverage Corporate Headquarters

Elizabeth, NJ

Project Details

Fusing automation into the workplace

Alchemy and robotic automation—sounds fictional at first, but these ideas reference the design of a new corporate headquarters for Allied Beverage Group. Adjacent to the Newark Airport and Elizabeth Seaport, this exceedingly accessible build-to-suit is an industrial building with added flair. Harboring 20-foot-tall grand corporate spaces, the program integrates office suites, training facilities, and revolutionary automation and logistics technology.

As a leader in wine and spirit distribution, Allied Beverage needed a state-of-the-art base of operations to establish its brand and identity. At the building’s forefront, there is a designated alchemy room and wine room, honoring the company’s expertise as liquor wholesalers. Here employees can learn through training programs and customers can be entertained through out-reach activities. Wood tones warm the corporate space to deliver a hospitable feel and distinguish it from the warehouse sector. Likewise, suspended ceiling panels and lighting fixtures offer a humanized scale to this 40-foot clear industrial center.

Sustainably powered, the headquarters achieved LEED Silver certification. The roof is topped with solar panels that fuel the majority of the building’s operations. The warehouse also employs an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), breakthough technology that makes for efficient loading and distribution. Additionally, six rail dock doors service the building as part of the rail spur system for loading product onto freight carts. From custom millwork to valuable distribution decisions, the design team considered the most effective methods to circulate Allied’s stock so consumers can effortlessly indulge in a sip.

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