We Are United by Design

We believe that design can only achieve greatness when built upon human relationships.

Trust — between client and their community, between architect and their client — rises from accountability. Within that trust we design places that facilitate and celebrate interwoven relationships, creating rich and rewarding communities.

For more information about employment at KSS and opportunities to join our team, please contact (email hidden; JavaScript is required).

Interview with Mathematica's Patty Fenner, Director of Administrative Services

What makes us unique?

Our people.  Each brings a distinct quality to the table and personality to the firm―uniquely contributing to our purposefully diversified workforce, which ideally reflects and serves our diverse client base.  They have joined us because they know that they will learn, grow, and be challengedand do great work.  At our core, we believe that good ideas can come from anyone, at any timeand often do.  Every member has a voice, and each has a stake in the collective work of the firm.  The resulting designs have received national and regional awards and are often featured in the media. 

Our achievements are also sharedwe regularly impart knowledge and expertise internally through KSS University (our professional developement program) and through external consultation on industry best-practices, moderating discussion groups, speaking at conferences, and lecturing and universities.  Pivotally, we remain as enthused to continue to learn and evolve. 

  • "Leadership can happen in different forms: one is to inspire the people around you and another is to take initiative on things that matter to you," said KSS Principal, Mayva Donnon, to the eager and impassioned...
  • Justin Konicek

    Justin Konicek

    Inspiration can come from anything, but what drives me to design is the opportunity to reframe everyday objects, habits, or places and turn them into something more than just that.  This is why I find architecture to be such a compelling form of design; it is a universal presence shaping everyone’s lives from the house we grow up in to the city that we live in.  But as architects, we have the opportunity to explore reinterpretations and approach any situation with a critical eye – followed by the challenge to make it a reality.

    A critical approach is something of a blessing and a curse.  It is something that, after years of schooling, always finds its way into other interests.  Weekends spent brewing beer, evenings in the kitchen, and house remodeling have turned into weekends contemplating what goes into the formula and why.  While this approach certainly requires more time than off-the-shelf solutions, it allows a deeper understanding of the craft: a reward that you wouldn’t get from always following the directions.  An ongoing project that I believe embodies this energy is Paul Barbera’s “Where They Work” photo series – a long running look into the offices and workspaces of creatives all over the world.

    What made KSS the obvious choice for me was the immediate sense that all of my coworkers are naturally friendly people with their own interests.  And it was clear that these interests, passions, and backgrounds are traits that each designer carries into the work that they shape.

    Honors + Awards

    2013 Kossman Thesis Award Recipient

    John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship Recipient

    Publications + Presentations

    Bering Strait Bridge Competition

    Wind Turbine Integration Symposium

  • Jordan Mrazik

    Jordan Mrazik


    I am passionate about contextualized thought- things that belong to specific people at particular times.  Memory, color, syntax and shadow.

    I find inspiration in open windows and fresh air.  In my mind there are few things better than grass beneath my feet.

    Observation is my continual pursuit. I believe in discovery through photography, drawing, music, cinema and literature. I walk everywhere. Time and space, place and occasion.

  • Michael Shatken

    Michael Shatken

    AIA, LEED AP, 

    Senior Partner
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    As one of the founding partners of KSS Architects, Michael is driven by his quest for quality in every layer of a building. His interest in architecture’s interconnection to the lives of people, cities, and the environment began when he attended graduate school at a time when many American cities were in deep decline. He continues to see the connective nature of architecture in multiple forms, from the technical details of buildings to its place in the global environment. Michael has devoted his life to creating good design that better serves clients’ needs by considering broad community and environmental concerns. His pragmatic and meticulous nature complements his design abilities, ensconcing him as a respected mentor and leader in the industry.

    Beyond his professional work, Michael continuously promotes the concept of good design through civic involvement in the community. He is a board member and treasurer of the Morristown Jewish Center, on the steering committee of United Jewish Communities of MetroWest NJ, and serves on the Historic Preservation committee of Mendham Township.


    Master of Architecture and Business Administration, Washington University School of Architecture

    Professional Affiliations

    New Jersey Society of Architects

    National Council of Architectural Registration

    Registered Architect in N.J., Ga., Mass., Md., Va., N.C., Ill., Del., N.Y., Conn., and Pa.

    Publications + Presentations

    “Redefining the Master Plan in Tough Economic Times.” Urban Land. May 2009.

    “The Ivy Tower in the ‘hood” (on designing a charter school at New Jersey City University), Mid-Atlantic Society for College and University Planning, Pittsburgh

    SCUP 2005 Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., “Building Green As Core Curriculum to Campus Architecture and Planning”

  • Grace Chi

    Grace Chi

    Marketing Manager
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    With an academic foundation of art history and neuropsychology, corporate experience in communications and engineering, and a personal fondness towards watercolor and board games, Grace draws from her multi-disciplinary background to inform and accomplish her professional pursuits. Grace is inspired by exercises engaging with stream of consciousness, crafty spoofs, and amalgamating disparate elements into a unified whole - artistically and professionally. Beyond collaborating with the entire KSS team to elevate the firm to ever higher levels of thought and design (and marketing), she enjoys boundless doodling, literature-enabled relaxation, and creative dialogue prompted by every day moments.

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  • David von Stappenbeck

    David von Stappenbeck



    A project architect with incomparable technical expertise, David is an integral part of the design team: transforming concepts for massing and layout into clear sets of constructible documents, thereby ensuring that our work is cutting edge, yet achievable and affordable. His specialized knowledge in building envelope systems and technologies allows us to optimize building performance, while maintaining budget and design fidelity. From higher education projects to mixed-use urban environments, David’s vast experience informs every project. His keen attention to detail guarantees that our work not only fulfills a client’s vision and project goals, but is also functional, practical, and buildable.


    Bachelor of Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology


    NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) 

    Registered Architect in New Jersey


    Guest Speaker, Project Financing, New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey School of Architecture

  • Michelle Sloan

    Michelle Sloan

    Music inspires me to be creative.  Its emotional qualities can bring out different types of art and ideas.

    I love smaller scale building types, such as housing because it allows me to focus more on the details.  I love working closely with others to solve problems and figure out solutions.  I am passionate about being a part of helping others find happiness through architecture by improving their quality of life.  Being involved in the happiness of a person or family is inspiring and rewarding. 

    I love scrapbooking, photography, painting, and exercising.  Scrapbooking, photography, and painting are all forms of art that allow me to see and utilize my creative thoughts differently.  By focusing creative energy in different ways, it helps my skills to grow and influence architecture in new ways.  Exercising provide me with positive energy.  Because of it, I feel accomplished and more motivated to start my work day productively.   

    Commends Thesis Award - Boston Architectural College, Spring 2015

    Alumni Association Scholarship - Boston Architectural, Spring 2013

  • Andrea Diamond

    Andrea Diamond

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    I have broad administrative experience working for senior executives in a number of different industries.  I love playing a supportive role where I can help free my team from mundane tasks so they can focus on their work.  I enjoy the opportunity to participate in company projects by researching, collecting, and organizing information, and I am challenged by the opportunity to see common threads, relationships, and trends. 

    Since childhood, I’ve loved bearing witness to the artistic process – music, dance, writing, carpentry, and the visual arts – where something beautiful arises from nothingness thanks to skillful hands and a creative mind.  I am happy to join KSS where I get to enjoy the fruits of my coworkers’ labor, where collaboration and the exchange of ideas are highly valued, and where the individual is appreciated for the skills they bring to the table.

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  • Petar Mattioni

    Petar Mattioni

    AIA, LEED AP, 

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Petar employs a practical design methodology that balances design with client objectives, technical coordination, and effective project execution. His dedication and acute power of observation enhance his design abilities. Petar is involved in all aspects of the project, including planning and design research. His thoroughness has enabled him to excel in all project phases, including programming, code research, schematic design, design development, construction documentation, constructability review, and construction administration.

    An active member of the Philadelphia community, Petar works with several non-profit organizations including the ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) Mentor Program, which introduces high school students to careers in the building and architectural professions.


    Bachelor of Architecture, Magna Cum Laude, Syracuse University

    Professional Affiliation

    Associate AIA Architects member

    U.S. Green Building Council

    LEED Accredited Professional

    Community Service

    ACE Mentor Program

    Infill Philadelphia: Food Access. Community Design Collaborative

    Registered Architect in Pennsylvania

    Architectural Juries

    Philadelphia University

  • Connie Ling

    Connie Ling

    I love KSS. It’s like my extended family. We have a lot of respect for each other and our neighborhood. Every now and then, I helped out with homes by Habitat for Humanity which KSS participated.

    I enjoy working with numbers which is part of my daily work and saving our resources. I believe in the idea of being green and sustainability which KSS fully supports. After all, we only have one Earth we live in – take good care of it.

    I’m very interested in real estate, especially assisting people to find their dream homes. Through it, I learn about people’s need, different types of homes construction, rules regulations and a lot more. Since architecture is planned, designed and built for the needs of the people and communities, I love KSS who does just that in satisfying its clients all the time.

    Professional Affiliations

    National Association of Realtors

    New Jersey Association of Realtors

  • Ed Klimek

    Ed Klimek

    AIA, NCARB, 

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Nationally recognized for his expertise in the design of high quality, sustainable industrial and commercial buildings, Ed has become both a trusted designer and adviser to his corporate and development clients. His work spans from the redevelopment of brownfield sites to the repositioning of mixed-use developments, to the design of new pharmaceutical campuses. An expert in designing large-scale and environmentally responsible architecture, Ed has served as a consultant for the U.S. Green Building Council on its development of sustainable standards for warehouses and distribution centers. His additional experience with public process allows him to design architecture that is sensitive to daily civic functions and is uniquely responsive to a community’s social fabric.

    On a personal note, Ed is an active volunteer and serves as a part of a delegation providing assistance to the people of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, using his expertise to build sustainable, rural communities in third-world countries.


    Bachelor of Architecture, University of Detroit

    Professional Affiliations

    NAIOP (National Association of Industrial and Office Properties)

    Urban Land Institute

    Registered Architect in New Jersey

    Publications + Presentations

    “iPort 12: A Former Landfill Comes of Age.” Development. Summer 2008.

    “Greening of Industrial.” NAIOP’s Industrial Conference (I.con). Spring 2008.

    “New Distribution Center for Mercedes Proves Big Can Be Beautiful.” Development. Summer 2004.

  • Christine Chlebda

    Christine Chlebda

    I am passionate about architecture that offers people unique experiences of the building itself and contributes positively to the place it occupies . Travelling inspires me to be creative because it engages me in new experiences and cultures. Travelling has also enabled me to experience personally buildings by some of my favorite architects, such as Snohetta, Alvar Aalto, and Peter Zumthor. In addition to travelling, I enjoy photography. Taking photos enables me to see things I would not notice otherwise, like interesting qualities of light or texture in a space, and the visual phenomena I capture in photography inspire me later in designing architecture.

    Honors + Awards

    AIA Henry Adams Medal 

    AIA Nathan C. Wyeth Award 

    Grand Prize in 2013 AIA DC Washington Unbuilt Competition

  • Dan Y.W. Chong

    Dan Y.W. Chong


    Project Architect
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Dan brings over 20 years of diverse architectural experience that spans projects in the residential, institutional, cultural, hospitality, and ecclesiastical sectors. He brings a unique perspective to mixed-use projects and sustainability as it relates to historic structures.

     An avid traveler both professionally and personally, Dan has worked on projects and master plans in six different countries. He enjoys traveling to see new places and learning how different cultures build their environments.

    The spaces around me inspire me. Seeing past what is trendy and stylistic at any given time, I try my best to understand places that impress me the most. Why do they work? What place in history does it have? What can I learn from this? The materials and how they all come together explain the story more than words.

     Professional Affiliations:

    Registered Architect in PA

    American Institute of Architecture

    Association for Preservation Technology International


    Canada Scholar

    Publications / Presentations:

    Studio Guest Critic- Philadelphia University, Moore College of Art, Temple and Drexel University

    Exhibitor – Canadian Center for Architecture – Montreal 350th

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  • Erica Harmelin

    Erica Harmelin


    Director of Interior Design, Philadelphia
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    My choice to join KSS was simple; I wanted to be part of a team where design matters and makes a difference. As an Interior Design professional, I have the fortunate responsibility to create meaningful experiences and enhance the lives of others through the built environment. My extensive background in the mixed markets of hospitality, commercial and residential design allows me to bring fresh perspectives and innovative concepts to a variety of project types. I approach my work with an equal combination of passion, dedication, inspiration and collaboration. I stand by the belief that to do great work, you must love what you do. Those who have worked with me know this to be true, and my advice to those who haven’t found that yet: keep looking. 


    Master of Science, Interior Design, Drexel University

    Bachelor of Science, Sports Management, University of Delaware


    NCIDQ – National Council for Interior Design Qualification (#26152)

    NEWH – The Network of the Hospitality Industry

    2016 Top 40 Under 40 Award Recipient – Philadelphia Business Journal

    Interiors and Sources Magazine; Feature Article -Product Dressing Room “Endless Possibilities,” September 2016 

  • Emma Ignaszewski

    Emma Ignaszewski

    Marketing Coordinator
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Emma grew up in Arizona, where the canyonlands and chalk-red spires nurtured in her a love for skies wide open. Through writing and design, she seeks to make meaning of connections and engage with the texture of life, the realness of it. In her free time, she plays ultimate frisbee and the baritone ukulele, goes on backpacking & bicycling adventures, points out awful kerning & pixelated images to friends and family, and writes flash fiction.

  • Matthew H. McChesney

    Matthew H. McChesney

    AIA, LEED AP, 

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Clients know Matt for his ability to listen to their needs, understand their values, and create spaces where they can maximize their potential. As he leads projects from design to construction, he strives to balance the client’s objectives with the demands of budgets, site restrictions, and scheduling. His technical understanding of the built environment allows him to design intricate solutions that range from complex renovations and additions to highly specialized laboratory buildings. With all projects, he strives to integrate both simple and compound systems that minimize architecture’s impact on the environment and help to preserve resources for future generations.


    Bachelor of Architecture, Syracuse University

    Professional Affiliations

    Registered Architect in New Jersey

    U.S. Green Building Council, New Jersey

    LEED Accredited Professional (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

    American Institute of Architects

  • Caitlin Feroce

    Caitlin Feroce

    Intern Architect
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    The normals, the ways set in place, statuses; allow for antiquated information to fit inside small boxes. Releasing the limits of these things enables the “abnormalities” to have space. This is when the extraordinary has room to take root. My goal is to reorganize safe conditions. To redevelop, interpret, and allow the irregular to shape our world. It is only in listening to the marginalized that new thoughts can shake the mundane.

     I am driven by every old place I revisit.

    Every new place I greet.

    People I have grown up to love.

    People I have met for a day.

    These things give me hope.

  • Ben Poulin

    Ben Poulin

    I originally came to KSS because of their attention to design and an understanding of what great design can do for their client, whether it be changing or refining an image, great new functional space, or branding and identity, KSS works with the client to figure out what they want and need and this drew me to them.  You could tell there was a great passion for the work across the whole office and that there is a great pride in everything that is put in front of a client, it has been a great place to grow, learn and develop as a designer.  

    I have always had a passion for creating and it has always been a driving force throughout my life. The design of a space, painting, furniture making, sculpting, photography, cooking, etc. there is nothing better than having a vision and putting it down in a medium which people can use, enjoy, or experience, and to share that has been a great pleasure.

    There are a wealth of things which inspire me to be creative, books, other artists, great design, but the thing which inspires me the most is just nature and being outdoors. There is a lot of beautiful landscapes, habitats, trails and ranges to explore, climb, or just visit and being in these spaces is really refreshing and awe inspiring at times.  

    When not working, my favorite place to be is in the mountains and woods, I love hiking, rock-climbing, fishing, camping, anything that gets me in the outdoors. Doing these things and being in these places are really refreshing, and make it apparent that the design of everything is really important in how a person perceives and experiences it object or space and the impression that it leaves upon a person.  

  • Ryan Kane

    Ryan Kane

    Intern Architect
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)
  • Douglas Woodworth

    Douglas Woodworth

    Interior Designer

    With a background in fine arts, exhibit design and commercial Interior design, Douglas has a proven commitment to design excellence and brings a creative eye to every project he works on. He provides leadership in design efforts for programming, visioning, and three-dimensional conceptualization and is passionate about working with clients to craft unique narratives, develop branding, and meet aesthetic, functional, and budgetary specifications. Douglas has worked on a wide variety of projects both large and small and truly enjoys the collaborative process necessary for project’s successful completion. Douglas serves on the firm’s Digital Practice Group which is responsible for ensuring best practices and innovation in digital design integration.

  • Prerana Appineni

    Prerana Appineni

    Intern Interiors
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. A generous sports scholarship in tennis afforded me the opportunity to live, study, and play in the USA.

    I hold a Masters in Interior Architecture from Philadelphia University (2015) and a B.A in Business, marketing with a minor in studio art from Stony Brook University (2013).

    Design is a hands-on endeavor of the mind, body, and soul. It is both playful and thoughtful, and can be highly liberating. The more I explored and traveled the world, the more I was drawn to indoor and outdoor spaces where people come together as an individual or as a community. I thoroughly enjoy the process, where people from different disciplines collaborate to create a design that improves a living environment as a whole.

    I find inspiration in multicultural experiences, conversations, people, food, and places. My hobbies include painting, camping, playing tennis, devouring sushi, and traveling, as they help me unplug from my daily schedule and rejuvenate.

  • Jesse Wilks

    Jesse Wilks

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    My passion for architecture is rooted in its ability to enrich and add meaning to the everyday moments and experiences of our lives - moments that we might otherwise take for granted or fail to notice: the opening of a door, the climbing of a flight of stairs, the transition from darkness to a space filled with light. My favorite spaces are those that engage multiple senses, yet do so quietly and thoughtfully. 
    When not busy with architecture, I am happiest climbing a mountain or descending into a canyon.

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  • Merilee Meacock

    Merilee Meacock

    AIA, LEED AP, 

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Merilee has become a leader in the educational design community. She has assisted large and small organizations find new building sites, made recommendations for planning new campuses, and designed improvements to make existing buildings more functional and dynamic. She is steadfast in developing a team approach in the design and construction of every project. Her broad-minded yet grounded ideas provide excellent leadership to handle challenges. Devoted to her clients and to her projects, Merilee often becomes the driver who makes the projects happen. She helps clients realize their highest potential by creating a legacy of places that are inspirational, comfortable and functional for all.

    Outside of the office, Merilee is involved with hands on design and construction for a variety of design-build projects, including historic renovation. She is active in her community and enjoys spending time outdoors with her three young sons.


    Bachelor of Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University

    Professional Affiliations

    Registered Architect in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

    Honors + aWARDS

    AIA-NJ Architect of the Year, 2014

    AIA-NJ Young Architect of the Year, 2003

    Committee Member for the creation of USGBC K-12 Schools Application Guide

    Vice Chair, Zoning Board, Cranbury Township

    Presenter, SCUP Mid-Atlantic, March 2008

    Featured on national AIA advertising campaign “How Design Works”

    NJ Biz Best 50 Women in Business, 2012

    Publications + Presentations

    “Transforming Lives and Communities: Successful Planning Strategies for Starting a Charter School.” National Charter School Conference, Washington, D.C. 23 Jun. 2009.

    Newark, Inc., “Newark Collegiate Academy Opens on Site of Former Boys and Girls Club”

    Building Design+Construction, Contributor to “K-12 School Giants“

    SCUP Planning for Higher Education Journal, “Community Revitalization” (Authored Article)

    The New York Times, “Architect Goes Home, to Recall and to Work” (Teachers Village)

    Architectural Record, “Phase One of Teachers Village Opens in Newark”

    Architectural Record, “Handled with Care” (Eden Education & Outreach Center)

    New Jersey Business Journal, “Newark’s Teachers Village gets its first tenant”

    The New York Times, “Newark Project Aims to Link Living and Learning” (Teachers Village)

    The Wall Street Journal, “Institute Transforms University Campus” (Human Rights Inst.)

    School Construction News, “Bringing Education into the Mix”

    School Construction News, “Central Force: Educational Facilities & Mixed-Use Developments”

    The New York Times, “Pride in Architecture” (Rutgers Biomedical Engineering)

    College Planning and Management, “Facility Focus: Academic and Administrative Buildings”

    NY Construction News, “Rutgers Project Yields Innovative Solutions”

    The Times, “Borough Hall gets Bigger and Better” 

    AIA NJ State Convention, “Gottesman RTW Academy Tour”

    Groundbreaking Women in Construction “Building Your Career and Your Family”

    National Charter School Conference

    SCUP Mid Atlantic

    AIA How Design Works

    AIA Presentation Rutgers SERC

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  • Amanda Brown

    Amanda Brown


    Project Architect
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a wide range of cultural and educational projects, including visitor centers, recreation centers, K-12 and higher education buildings. Working on these projects has given me a deep appreciation for architecture that integrates the unique characteristics of a specific site with the client’s goals and users’ experience to create structures that are distinguishable, while also respectful to the environment and existing conditions. I am passionate about design that improves lives and provides positive change to communities, which is why I am excited to be a part of the design team at KSS. 

  • Joseph Alperstein

    Joseph Alperstein


    Director of Construction Administration, Associate
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Since joining KSS Architects in 1997, Joe has successfully managed the firm’s largest and most complex projects to completion. His work in the office coupled with his on-site project management experience allows him to test the validity of design ideas developed in the office in the field. He enjoys unifying diverse design ideas into a harmonious entity while preventing potential chaos during construction. He promotes the understanding and mastery of tools in the profession, comprehends and appreciates the elements of program and building, and anticipates the implications of technology and construction in preparation for design.

    Growing up with a father who was an electrical engineer, Joe realized in grade school that if you built things a certain way, they held together; if you did not follow certain principles, they fell apart. From then onward, Joe understood that the answer to every problem lies within it. As a result, he decided to become an architect.

    Joe is also drawn to the field of pattern design. Inspired by the likes of Eames and Vignelli, he co-founded the graphic design company in 2000. His designs have been published in The New York Times, Greetings etc., and numerous trade journals.


    Bachelor of Architecture, Valedictorian, New York Institute of Technology

    Independent Study and Guest Critic at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

    Professional Affiliations

    Registered Architect in New Jersey

    Honors + Awards

    Gold Medal for Architectural Design

    American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal

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  • Jason Chmura

    Jason Chmura



    Jason brings a wide spectrum of experience to all projects. Having a background in engineering and construction, Jason is able to work collaboratively with consultants and contractors to find the right design solutions in all phases of the project. With varied project expertise, including theater and performing arts facilities, he understands how to balance pragmatic needs and architectural style to create buildings that truly express a client’s vision. A LEED Accredited Professional specializing in Building Design and Construction, Jason brings his passion for environmental sustainability to every project and extends his interest beyond the firm as an educator


    Master of Architecture, Certificate in Sustainable Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology


    Registerd Architect in New Jersey

    honors + awards

    Curbed Groundbreaker, 2015

    AIA-NJ Young Architect of the Year, 2014

    AIA-NJ Jersey Shore Chapter Young Architect of the Year, 2014

    AIA-NJ Jersey Shore Chapter, Treasurer

    Arts Coalition of Asbury Park, Board of Directors and President

    ArtsCAP Newsletter, Editor

    AIA-NJ LEED Study Groups, Facilitator

    2011 and 2012 East Coast Green Conference, Speaker Chair

    North Brunswick High School and Brick Township High School, Guest Lecturer

    Princeton University and New Jersey Institute of Technology, Guest Critic

    Township of Ocean Environmental Commision, Member

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  • Nicole Hollenbeck

    Nicole Hollenbeck

    AIA, LEED AP, 


    AIA-NJ Intern Architect of the Year, 2014

  • Christina Marconi

    Christina Marconi

    LEED AP BD+C, 


    Inspired by the City of Philadelphia’s changing landscape, Christina believes that architecture can transform the way people live, learn, and play. She strives to develop designs that are not only inviting and user-friendly, but also functional and cost-effective. From programming to construction, Christina understands that an integrated, collaborative design approach generates the most successful project for both the architect and client. With a background in the arts and an acute attention to detail, she sees architecture as a composition that must both respond to a client’s unique challenges and be ecologically sensitive. Christina brings sharp conceptual, technical, and visual skills to each of her projects. 

    Honors + Awards

    National Society of Collegiate Scholars [national honor society]

    Philadelphia City Scholarship Recipient [merit based scholarship]

    W.W. Smith Trust Scholar [merit based scholarship]

    Arts House Dance Company, Artistic Director and Choreographer

  • Jennie Himler

    Jennie Himler

    Architectural Coordinator
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Jennie Himler has been working in the architectural field for 7+ years.  I am from the suburbs of Washington D.C. in northern Virginia.  I moved to Philadelphia to study architecture at Drexel University and I am currently in my fifth year of studies.

    Being an architect to me isn’t a profession, but a lifestyle.  I love observing nature, studying cities and their people, and watching and reading fantasy adventure stories.  Nature is the blend of efficiency with beauty and the greatest teacher of design.  Cities and their people exemplify how collaboration creates diversity and scale far beyond the individual can produce.   People create fiction by stripping away all limits, sharing with the audience their purest form of imagination.  From these experiences, the architecture I create during my career is imaginative, inspired by its surroundings, and rarely untouched by at least a few other hands and minds.

    I am passionate about understanding the relationships between people and their built environment.  There is an indescribable feeling when people and their place are in balance with each other.  People crave a sense of belonging and identity, a place where they can naturally be the very best versions of themselves.  Architecture provokes that emotion as much as the people we surround ourselves with do.  A cozy café table along a crowded sidewalk and a high-tech industrial lab can both be where the greatest minds collaborate or an individual has a revolutionary thought.

    I choose to KSS because of their high standard of excellence in design and dedication to building a relationship with the client and bringing their thoughts and ideas to life. My goal is to give to those in need of design, both work and philosophy, and empower them to use their own resources to impact their future.  I think my desires align with the values of KSS and I love working with a team that attracts the best clients and is enthusiastic about creating beautiful spaces that pull people together.



    Drexel AIAS – American Institute of Architecture Students 

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  • Scot Murdoch

    Scot Murdoch


    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    From conceptual design through to production, Scot has supervised the successful transformation of millions of square feet of industrial development. He excels at developing and implementing solutions to design challenges in both new and existing buildings, across many project types. Several of Scot’s projects involve brownfield redevelopment and buildings pursuing LEED certification. As such, he has been central to establishing sustainability standards through his diligent work. His knowledge and commitment to sustainable design have contributed to KSS’ leadership role in the development of contaminated sites in the state of New Jersey, and in facilitating industrial growth in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Scot has developed a process at KSS that allows clients to integrate significant photovoltaic arrays into their projects, while recognizing the resource’s potential impact, understanding its complex incentives and regulations, and obtaining competitive, equalized proposals for its installation.


    Bachelor of Architecture, University of Arizona

    Professional Affiliations

    NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association

    Registered Architect in New Jersey

    Honors + Awards

    Real Estate New Jersey’s “40 under 40” in commercial real estate, 2008

    AIA NJ Young Architect of the Year, 2004

  • Mayva Donnon

    Mayva Donnon

    AIA, LEED AP, 

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Mayva’s project experience ranges from large-scale institutional master plan work to detailed design documentation. As a leader in integrating building information modeling (BIM) into daily practice, Mayva coordinated the implementation of BIM technology on one of the firm’s largest projects: a new campus center for Lawrence University.

    Mayva has been drawn to architecture as it presents opportunities to tackle a breadth of challenges that demand both creative and practical solutions. Her love of the design process and the rigors of architectural practice make her adept at balancing technical aspects with the human side of design. She thrives in problem solving while carefully translating the needs and desires of clients into thoughtful architecture.


    Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 2004

    Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Cum Laude, University of California, Berkeley, 1998

    Professional Affiliations

    Registered Architect in Pennsylvania

    Honors + AWARDS

    Arthur Spayd Brooke Bronze Medal for excellence in architectural design, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Architecture

    E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowship for travel abroad, University of Pennsylvania

    Lewis Davis Scholarship, University of Pennsylvania

    Regents & Chancellor’s Scholarship, University of California, Berkeley

    Academic Affiliations

    Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Architecture

    Coursework: Visual Studies, Professional Practice

    Guest Juror, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Architecture

    Guest Juror, Philadelphia University, Department of Architecture

  • Ben Buglovsky

    Ben Buglovsky


  • Kyle Rendall

    Kyle Rendall


    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Kyle brings a high level of experience to each of his projects. Having worked on many the phases of projects ranging from schematic design to construction administration, he is well versed in the technical skills necessary to deliver success. Additionally, his management skills ensure that projects run smoothly and are completed on time and on budget. With extensive experience in the pre-K to K-12 market, Kyle has worked on new buildings, renovations, additions and studies for public, charter, and special needs schools.

    As an active member of his community, Kyle has volunteered as a firefighter for the Princeton Fire Department for more than a decade. He is also a committed volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and has provided pro-bono design and construction administration services for the non-profit organization Womanspace Inc.


    Bachelor of Architecture, Cum Laude, New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Honors + Awards

    AIA-NJ Young Architect of the Year, 2015

    Alpha Rho Chi, Professional Architecture Fraternity, Founding Brother, Domitian Chapter

    Princeton Volunteer Fire Department, Volunteer Firefighter

    Habitat for Humanity, Volunteer

    WomenSpace, Inc., Volunteer Design Services

    Princeton 911 Memorial, Volunteer Design Services

  • Congratulations to our own Sara Nordstrom for receiving the Community Design Collaborative's Outstanding Volunteer Award in recognition of her amazing commitment to community design. Well done and thank you for...
  • Rocky McClure

    Rocky McClure

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Originally from Pennsylvania, Rocky has gained considerable international experience working and living in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Canada. Throughout his career, he has contributed to projects in the commercial, educational, residential, and infrastructure sectors. Rocky has a comprehensive background in maintaining the balance between building design aspirations and practical system performance implications. Rocky’s interest in KSS stems from the practice’s expertise in industrial architecture, where clarity and efficiency of design helps to reconcile complex technical and functional requirements. He believes that architecture should strive for an order based on simplicity and accessibility for those intended to use it.


    2006 Alma Heinz and August Louis Pohland Graduate Fellowship

  • Alicia Weaver

    Alicia Weaver


    Alicia views the process of seeing a space or an object transformed—kindled by just a thought or sketch—as a highly rewarding experience. She finds deep satisfaction in visualizing a space, documenting it, and watching the ground shift as a building takes form. At KSS, Alicia has had the opportunity to transform over a million square feet from initial visual spark to completed construction.

    Her position as an executive board member for the NJ ACE Mentor Program and her participation as a team leader at local high schools is representative of her commitment to the local community and to the future of the industry. As an accredited LEED professional, a member of the firm’s Sustainability Practice Group and the LEED coordinator on numerous projects, Alicia is passionate about protecting the environment and is determined to make an impact today in expectation of change to come tomorrow. 


    AIA-NJ Intern Architect of the Year, 2015

  • Kaitlin Gillespie

    Kaitlin Gillespie

  • A rejuvenated haven for connection, acceptance, and inclusiveness, the William Way Community Center has grown rapidly to better serve the local community. Check out our interview on Medium with our own Vincent...
  • Harrison Werner

    Harrison Werner

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    I was drawn to the field of architecture because I enjoyed both the problem solving aspects of design and the constant opportunities to learn. In graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Finland, during which I gained an appreciation for Aalto, Saarinen, and other Nordic architects. After graduation I chose to work at KSS because of their strong design portfolio and because of the interesting people that I met at the firm. Outside of architecture I am passionate about running and have finished several marathons.

  • Melanie Whedon

    Melanie Whedon

    Intern Architect
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Melanie received a Bachelor of Architecture from Philadelphia University with a minor in Psychology.

    Throughout the design process, she is naturally drawn towards understanding how people occupy space, and in return how that space may have an effect on its inhabitants. She believe’s the places we design should respond strongly to the context in which they sit, and the culture of the people benefiting from the design.

    In Melanie’s spare time, she thoroughly enjoys traveling to places far and near. Even after living in Philadelphia for seven years, she is continuously astonished by the depths this city has to offer.

  • Vicky Koppa

    Vicky Koppa

    Intern Architect
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Architecture is the culmination of deep relationships and a belongingness to a greater sense of the whole. Vicky believes, like an intricate puzzle, that architectural design is a dynamic process of learning, improving, and refining from all participants – architects, clients, stakeholders, users. She is invigorated by the trust placed in architects by clients to transform initial visions and needs to ever higher levels, and enlivened by witnessing the passion and excitement of inhabitants in her finished projects. Vicky believes that strong collaborations enrich perspective and better inform the myriad moving parts and pieces of a project, which in turn produce greater, more purposeful design.

    Vicky was drawn to KSS for the firm’s value in investing in the development of all staff members, joining the team with the sense that colleagues truly encouraged personal and professional growth. Empowered by the firm’s respect for individual voices and autonomy, Vicky finds fulfillment in continuing to grow in her abilities and responsibilities. With KSS, she is excited to establish and foster relationships with clients, consultants, and colleagues.

  • Rebecca Hale

    Rebecca Hale

    Interior Designer

    Rebecca Hale came to be with KSS after graduating from the esteemed Interior Architecture program from the University of North Carolina. Though her degree reflects her dedication to creating highly conceptual designs for corporate interiors, Rebecca’s journey to practicing interior design has been a collection of interests and disciplines interwoven together to create a comprehensive knowledge from art and fashion to interior design. What started as exposure from her upbringing between artists, interior designers, graphic designers, to fashion designers within her family, Rebecca understands the importance of design in everyday life. It’s through her ability to recognize beauty and inspiration in the everyday to be able to contribute concepts and ideas that translate into strong designs. In addition to thinking abstractly, Rebecca has a strong intuitiveness into what her clients envision. Her ability to communicate her ideas clearly has led her to be a leader within design groups in her past, and encourage those around her to see things differently. Through her designs, Rebecca aims to deliver a finished project that articulates her client’s feelings and ideas while using her wide background of knowledge to create a design that is truly unique and efficient.


    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Architecture, University of North Carolina Greensboro

  • Sheila Nall

    Sheila Nall


    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Sheila has more than 30 years experience designing corporate environments for companies and institutions throughout the U.S. Her design ability allows her to see potential in all spaces, and to create beautiful, unique environments that meet, and often exceed, her clients’ expectations. Her management ability allows her to lead and collaborate with teams of coworkers, consultants and contractors to complete complex and highly technical projects that delight and inspire her clients. Sheila believes that before her clients can benefit from her knowledge, she must first learn much from and about them. Her dedication to providing a listening ear and exemplary service has led to the creation of successful, functional and beautiful environments for a myriad of clients.


    Bachelor of Science in Design, Magna Cum Laude, University of Cincinnati

    Professional Affiliations

    Certified Interior Designer, NCIDQ

    ASID, New Jersey Chapter

    President, ICREW, New Jersey Chapter

    CORENET, New Jersey Chapter

    Honors + Awards

    ASID Lucille Morgan Award for Service to the Profession

    DuPont Design Award: Resurgens

    Georgia Chapter ASID: Design Award Resurgens

    National ASID Honorable Mention: Design Award Resurgens

  • Traveling from LA, the Grammy Museum is planning a new East Coast location with us. The Newark, NJ museum is scheduled to open in Fall of 2017, but in the meantime, you can watch this year's Grammy Awards on Sunday...
  • After all the excitement of yesterday's big game, we kicked off our week off with much needed zen at our firm-wide Monday Morning meeting. #namaste #seatedyoga #motivationmonday . . . #wellness #aftersuperbowl ...
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  • Becker Raab

    Becker Raab

    Growing up in Black Mountain, North Carolina, I was encouraged by my parents to have a deep curiosity and profound respect for the world around me. This childhood exploration of the day-to-day spaces we inhabit is one that I continue today. I was first inspired to become an architect by Samuel Mockbee and the Rural Studio, and I am still inspired by the celebration of context, craft, and the commonplace in architecture. 

  • Abigail Schwendeman

    Abigail Schwendeman

    Marketing Coordinator
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    A spark of inspiration can ignite a flame of creativity. Being able to find inspiration in every aspect of life allows for a never-ending flow of creativity and design. Abigail became a graphic designer because it inspires her to look at new and creative angles for each individual project. She is proficient in the Adobe Creative suit in addition to being very passionate about fine arts such as charcoal and ink drawings and more. In her spare time, she can be found on the volleyball courts, reading books, riding her bike around town, and stretching her creativity with different DIY projects to fill her new home.

  • David Friedman

    David Friedman

    AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate

    With a diverse background and a deep understanding of all facets of design and construction, David is a firm believer that the built environment can improve people’s lives. Having worked in all phases of design—from programming to construction documentation—he understands the collaboration necessary to create exceptional places. As an architect, carpenter and furniture designer, he loves to see how things come together—from figuring out the detail and connection of materials, to working with the team, seeing the finished built work and serving the community at large. For David, design is a collective effort, bringing together client, user, architect and builder. He brings a sustainable perspective to every project and prior to joining KSS managed a nonprofit dedicated to the reduction, reuse and recycling of building materials.


    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology, New York University

    Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

    Honors + Awards

    Woodman Design Competition Award Winner, University of Pennsylvania

    Melhorn Award in Theory, University of Pennsylvania

    AIA/AAF Professional Scholarship, University of Pennsylvania

  • Vince Martorano

    Vince Martorano

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    A perfectionist by nature, Vince is captivated by the truth of numbers. In the totaling, subtracting, multiplication, and division of facts and figures, Vince is fascinated by the exciting stories that numbers tell through complex relationships. He measures four times where others may only measure twice. Vince is drawn to his profession and KSS because of his ability to enact precision in seeing the future, and help colleagues project the outcomes of projects and the trajectory of the firm. With Vince’s expertise, the success or failure of a project can be blueprinted in the numbers. Accordingly, Vince takes his interest in KSS beyond the screen and his desk, preferring to be out and about learning about projects first-hand.

    Vince views his role at KSS as more than a typical Controller, and he elevates his role by sitting in design presentations, expanding his knowledge about moisture control and how high performance glazing impacts mechanical loads of a building. With open eyes to the full workings within and around KSS, Vince breaks traditional boundaries by observing the numbers that feed his responsibilities in physical brick, mortar, steel, and the human relationships that nourish the firm.

  • Mounir Tawadrous

    Mounir Tawadrous


    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    With a design background that spans mixed use, education, corporate, and planning work, both nationally and internationally, Mounir brings a diverse perspective to each project. Equally adept at client and consultant coordination, he understands what it takes to see a project through to successful completion, on time and on budget. Whether new construction, renovation, or historic preservation, Mounir has handled every facet of the design process on behalf of a wide range of educational clients. In addition, Mounir enjoys giving back to the architectural design community by frequently serving as an adjunct design studio critic at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), College of Architecture and Design. 

  • Jessica Mangin

    Jessica Mangin

    Jessica Mangin is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. Working at KSS has allowed her to join a team environment that encourages learning and collaboration across the office, both of which were important in her choosing KSS. She is passionate about high performance architecture and has specifically researched energy efficient standards such as Passive House abroad. Her interest in the dialogue between built environments and natural landscapes is also influenced by spending much of her free time in the outdoors. As an outdoor enthusiast, Jessica tries to get outside the city and unplug as often as she can to experience new and exciting outdoors destinations.

  • Allan Kehrt

    Allan Kehrt


    Partner, Emeritus

    As one of the founding partners of KSS Architects, Allan combines architectural eloquence with an ability to turn a client’s vision into a built form. Guided by a philosophy that emphasizes appropriateness over fads, he has crafted KSS into a place where architectural dialogue thrives, young architects grow and learn, and serious design work is accomplished. He explores design issues that reinforce his clients’ values and aspirations and uses those explorations as the basis for design solutions. For Allan, the process of turning a blank sheet of paper and ideas into an enormous and tangible entity is extremely rewarding.

    With more than 30 years of experience, Allan has worked on everything from multimillion dollar medical and education facilities to residential and commercial structures. Named a Fellow to the American Institute of Architects in 2001, he actively participates in the education of others in design.


    Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Ohio Wesleyan University

    Master of Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    Professional Affiliations

    American Institute of Architects

    Society for College and University Planning

    Eastern Region Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers

    Licensed Planner, New Jersey

    Licensed Architect, New Jersey and Florida

    Urban Land Institute

    Congress of the New Urbanism

    Honors + Awards

    AIA NJ Architect of the Year, 2006

    NJCU University Academy Charter School

    AIA Committee on Architecture for Education Merit Award, 2005-06

    AIA NJ Built Merit Award, 2004

    Cranbury School, AIA NJ Merit Award, 2004

    Cornell University School of Hotel Admin.

    AIA New Jersey, Honor Award, 2004

    AIA Philadelphia, Merit Award, 2002

  • Pamela Lucas Rew

    Pamela Lucas Rew


    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    Pam strives for architecture that reflects the history, place, and potential of each client and project. She brings a clear understanding of the dynamics of contemporary life and the value of ritual to every project. Her design sensitivity has helped the firm produce award-winning buildings that surpass client expectations. Pam works to balance the needs and desires of the many constituents in an institution: administration, faculty, students, and the public. The result is a building that accommodates the client’s program in a uniquely expressive space. She is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.


    Master of Architecture, University of Virginia

    Bachelor of Arts, High Honors, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

    Professional Affiliations

    SCUP (Society for College and University Planning)

    ERAPPA (Eastern Region Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers)

    Registered Architect in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  • Vincent DiMaria

    Vincent DiMaria

    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    A child of the northeast corridor, Vin is passionate about the intersections of society and the built environment. He is proud to call Philadelphia home and finds inspiration throughout the city, which blends historic character with modern design. Throughout his academic and professional career, Vin has learned that architecture is a highly iterative process that is enlivened by challenging ideas and using constraints to enrich the final form. He is very interested in the personal aspects of design, how people shape and are shaped by spaces. Vin places great importance on effective communication and collaboration, the keystones of great design. 

  • Excited to announce the @pennovationctr achieved @usgbc LEED Gold Certification. Congrats to @hollwichkushner @landcollective and all the project team members! . . . #leedgoldcertified ...
  • Rebecca Udell

    Rebecca Udell

    Executive Director of Marketing Strategy
    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    With nearly two decades of experience as an interior designer and project manager, Rebecca excels at working with a variety of clients from small businesses to multinational corporations. Her communication ability and people skills have led to her success in all aspects of design including programming, strategic analysis, space planning, interior architecture and design, contract documentation, and construction administration.

    With the knowledge gained through her master’s studies, Rebecca has enhanced her ability to strategically analyze an organization to create an optimal interior environment that supports its brand identity, business strategy, and future goals while meeting critical path timelines and stringent budgets.


    Masters in Business Administration, Temple University, Fox School of Business

    Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Drexel University

    Professional Affiliations

    Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), Board member (2003-present)

    Jewish Federation Real Estate (JFRE)

  • More @pennovationctr caught in the act: #wednesday members lunch and #architecture #photography. A central stair, a dash of workspace, and a lot of vibrant conversation.  #coworkers #innovation #entrepreneur ...
  • Beth Emig

    Beth Emig


  • Adam Levine

    Adam Levine

  • Juliet M. Geldi

    Juliet M. Geldi


    (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

    I have a diverse design background that includes museum and exhibit design, stormwater management planning, and time spent as a principal of a small firm focused on high-end residential projects.

    I came to KSS to return to work on public buildings.  I still hold to the modernist belief that beauty can enhance people’s lives, and that the beauty that comes from a well-designed building should be accessible to all people.  I enjoy the sense of energy in this office that comes from seeing my peers empowered to positively contribute to the work of the firm.  Within architecture, materials and detailing are my favorite part of the design process.

    Outside of the office, I am passionate about biking—as a spectator sport, a hobby for exercise, and as my favorite mode of transportation.  In good weather, nothing beats a ride along the Schuylkill as the way to start my day.  I devote volunteer time as chair of the property committee at St. Clement’s Church, and have recently started working with community leaders in my home neighborhood of East Falls to help make our downtown more vibrant.


    Masters of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

    Bachelors of Science in Engineering, Civil Engineering Systems, University of Pennsylvania
    magna cum laude


    E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowship

    Part of Grand Prize winning team, Van Alen Institute’s “Urban Voids” Competition