Thomas Jefferson University

Alumni Center

Philadelphia, PA

Project Details

A home on campus

Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) endorses unparalleled value for their students, but their proclamation doesn’t stop giving after graduation. The University was passionate about establishing a place that gives a sense of ownership and belonging to its alumni. This new center is a “home base” where alumni can congregate and identify with one another.  

The Alumni Center is designed to be one’s home away from home, as such, the most prominent feature is the lounge area. Filled with comfortable furniture and stocked with a mini fridge and small counter top, the lounge is a place to relax and spend quality time with other alumni when on campus. Display cases wrap the Alumni Center, showcasing artifacts from TJU’s past. A large conference room connects to the lounge and  supports alumni meetings. A telescopic, glass wall separates the conference room from the lounge—administering privacy during meetings but transparent enough to not lose its connection to the rest of the Alumni Center. 

Upon entering TJU’s Alumni Center, there is atrium seating to soak up daylighting and additional displays to further learn about their alma mater. 

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