Princeton University

Off-Campus Administration Building at 701 Carnegie

Princeton, NJ

Project Details

Off-Campus Administration Building

The staff of Princeton University’s Office of Information Technology had a long wish list for their new administrative building. Though they enjoyed being a part of the exciting university atmosphere, their existing facilities were inadequate on both the exterior and interior. They had termed their concrete and glass masonry block finishes as “1960s riot architecture” and found their disorganized interior layout counterproductive. From the lack of collaborative work and meeting spaces to the poor interior environment, lighting and individual office desks, the occupants were ready for a fresh start.

The new administration building, which becomes the information and technology hub for Princeton University, brings the administrative personnel who were scattered throughout the campus under one roof in a building that fosters collaboration in light-filled, open spaces. The flexibility of the design balances connectivity, security, and privacy according to the users’ needs.

As the first Princeton building to be sited off-campus that is completely dedicated to administrative functions, it has become a new model for housing the university’s administrative services. Relocating staff to a new location just off campus made “change management” of crucial importance. KSS Architects led the change management process by helping staff and people acclimate to the new site and by bringing the essence of Princeton University into the new building.

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