Neumann Goretti High School / Community Design Collaborative

Knowledge Lab & Cafe 52

Philadelphia, PA

Project Details

Reviving Renovations

Once hidden behind barbed wire, the renovated Neumann Goretti High School has turned over a new leaf by incorporating innovative design concepts and current interior trends to showcase a vibrant facelift to welcome its students and educators alike. 

Established in 1956, this last remaining Catholic high school in South Philadelphia recognized the need to transform its outmoded atmosphere into a vibrant hub that supports lifelong learning. Volunteering through the Community Design Collaborative, KSS looked to trendy, millennial office interiors to revamp core student spaces. 

KSS transformed the library into a Knowledge Lab, with comfortable furnishings and bold accents. The cafeteria became Cafe 52, complete with high-top and wood bleacher. Flexible use is valued in these two spaces to provide students with the ability to learn and socialize in an independent environment. 

The entrance hall is now home to a lively mural, foreshadowing the hip experience of interacting with the school’s updated spaces. 

Neumann Goretti’s renovations have bolstered the institution’s image and created a buzz in the school district—attracting more students to its learning community, and giving students more places where learning is on display. 

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