US Headquarters

Plainfield, NJ

Project Details

Cultech Headquarters

As an international designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-end packaging for cosmetics, Cultech wanted to bring its corporate, creative, and production staff together to an iconic U.S. headquarters. Cultech selected Scozzari and KSS Architects as the design-build team that would refine an elegant and economical building solution and see the building into fruition on an aggressive, fast-tracked schedule.

The fully-conditioned and humidity-controlled building comprises office space, production space, and warehousing on two floor levels. Ideas originating from the second floor offices of corporate and executive staff and package designers streamline to the factory floor—a versatile, robust facility able to handle the operations and maintenance of the complex and large equipment required for packaging production.

To celebrate Cultech’s unique products, KSS designed the building exterior to be an elegant carton. A textured metal skin inspired from the dynamic lines and planes created by folding and unfolding a carton articulates the main entrance to the headquarters; precast concrete panels clad the remainder of the building. The building encloses the people and infrastructure composing the full linear process from design to manufacturing to sales that culminates with the creation of Cultech’s products.

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